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COLLEGE tennis

The American college sports system offers the best opportunity in the world to play tennis at the highest level and study at the same time – without compromising in either area.

Tennis in the USA

College tennis is one of the major sports at the collegiate level and is played at more than 1.000 universities in the US. The college system allows you to combine high-level training with college studies. This is the reason why so many international tennis players come to the US every year.

College tennis offers you athletic and academic advantages in the perfect environment for an excellent price. Whether you want to become a professional player or want to pursue tennis as a sporting passion alongside your studies.

Become a “Student-Athlete”

College tennis provides you the ultimate experience. Take your athletic skills to the next level while earning a recognized, international degree in the United States.


Train daily at the highest level and compete with tennis players from all over the world in various leagues and divisions.


Choose your desired degree program at more than 1,000 accredited colleges and universities in America.


Become interesting for any employer with your international resume and strong skill set.



tennis Scholarship

College tennis scholarships are awarded by American college coaches to players they recruit for their college teams. For the men, colleges may award up to 4,5 scholarships per team, while for women it is max 8 scholarships per team. A tennis scholarship can be full or partial, and the amount may be negotiated.


How do I apply for a sports scholarship? When should I start preparing? What do I need to keep in mind when applying to college?
We’ll fill you in ahead of time so you know what to expect between now and departure – and beyond.

College Tennis Season

The main college tennis season is played in the spring semester and lasts the entire semester. Teams consisting of six players, divided into conferences (leagues), compete regionally and nationally against teams from other colleges.


The fall semester is the so-called off-season in tennis. Here you play individual tournaments, especially in August, September and early October, where you also compete for your college. Here, too, you can be crowned champion at the end of the season. Then the real off-season starts. From October to December you will spend a lot of time in the weight room and on the track to be fit for the upcoming team season in January.


Pre-season starts in the beginning of the semester, in January. The training workload is extensive and intensive, with up to six tennis sessions per week. During pre-season, extra gym sessions are also part of the training program. The aim is to increase your body’s strength and conditioning, and to prevent injuries.


To prepare for the actual league play you compete against other teams in the region or go on trips to face new competition. During conference play, you can have up to three matches a week for several weeks in a row. This is often a physically challenging stretch for athletes, which is why you need to prepare well in the pre-season and take care of the body on a regular basis.


The champion of each league is determined via a play-off styled tournament. Its winners and additional highly ranked teams advance to the Regionals for the next round of play-offs. The last stop is the national championship tournament, that potentially lasts deep into May and even June.

Practice on the highest level

A practice session can last up to three hours, depending on the current point of the season. This can include match play, drills, doubles, and individual sessions, but also conditioning and recovery. The timing of a practice session depends on the coach, the University, availability of courts and the student’s lectures. You might want to get used to conditioning at 6am.


Becoming a professional tennis player is a dream for many young, tennis players. This path requires of course lots of talent, but also a high degree of determination, hard work, money and some luck as well. Still, a professional tennis career is not guaranteed even with all these conditions set.

College tennis offers a great opportunity for young players where they do not have to choose between education and their passion. College tennis prepares student-athletes for their professional career later in life by providing an academic degree while improving their tennis skills.


Since 2004, our experienced team of experts has successfully helped more than 1,500 young athletes combine sports and studies through a sports scholarship in the USA. Would you like to be a part of it?



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Is College Tennis for me?

The great thing about college tennis is that there is a college fit for every skill level. Not everyone has the athletic level or aspirations to become a professional player.

If you just enjoy tennis and want to combine your passion with a degree, college tennis is for you. Considering all the great opportunities the USA college sport system offers, we can also find a way for you to pursue a career as a student athlete.

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