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College Track & Field

The US college sports system offers track & field athletes the most beneficial experience in the world. Practice and compete in track & field, and study at the same time – without compromising in either area.

Track & Field in the USA

College track & field is one of the most competitive sports at the college level. The system in the US for college sports provides one of the best pathways for track and field aspirants. Many current and former Olympic track & field stars are former student athletes. Every year, international track and field athletes come to the US to combine high-level training with studies.

Is your goal to become a professional athlete, or are you looking for a way to pursue track and field as a sporting passion alongside your academic studies? College track & field offers you an outstanding opportunity where you get to combine sports and education – to a fantastic price.

Student Athlete

College track & field is the ultimate experience for you to take your athletic skills to the next level while pursuing a recognized, international degree in the USA.


Practice daily at the highest level and compete with other international student athletes.


Discover and select your college degree program among more than 1.500 colleges and universities in America.


Stand out to future employers during recruitment processes with international experience and strong skillset.


Track & Field Scholarship

Sports scholarships are rewarded by US college coaches to the athletes they recruit for their college team. The amount of this financial grant is negotiable, and it can be either full or partial. Full scholarships cover all of those costs and can be worth more than US$70,000 per year, or $280,000 for an undergraduate degree.

Women Scholarships: up to 18 per team

Men Scholarships: up to 12,6 per team

Specialist or Multi-Sport

Make your athletic profile more interesting to the coaches by improving your best marks in 1-3 disciplines. For the college coaches, this means that you have a versatile skill set and it increases your chances of getting a track and field scholarship. Even if you are specialized in only one discipline, you still have good chances if you have achieved good results here. Yet, the ideal situation is that you are able to show two disciplines.

Coaches look to maximize their value from an athletic scholarship. The more disciplines you master, the more interesting you become to the US coaches. The broad skill set allows you to support the track & field team in more events. As an all-around athlete, you have as good a chance in the USA as a specialist, who is one of the best in one or two disciplines.


We are experts when it comes to college and college sports in the US. We will guide you through the entire process. When to apply? How to prepare? What to look out for? Our experienced staff support from the first step to make sure you safely land at your dream university.

More about the Track & Field Season


In the fall semester, distance running is the main focus. Athletes arrive at Campus a bit earlier than other students to get a head start on their season. National Champions are crowned in November.


The indoor track and field season starts right at the beginning of the spring semester. Conference and national championships will take place in special indoor arenas until early March.


From March to early May, the outdoor season takes place in college track & field. This marks the main season and is filled with more meetings than during the indoor time.
Division 1 seasons can go all the way into June.


In college track & field, teams compete in meets with several universities across the conferences and divisions at the event.
Individual champions are crowned at each event. The schools on the other hand receive points depending on the place of each athlete, creating a team-first mentality in college.

Practice at the highest level

The training in college track & field is highly professional. The schools have full-time head coaches with several assistant coaches by their side, plus their own tracks on Campus. To allow year-round training, schools can also have indoor tracks or practice facilities.

In addition to individual and track & field team sessions, strength and conditioning workouts are part of the schedule. This will help to prepare the athletes for a long college season. Athletic trainers are also available to all student athletes, as the need of recovery and injury prevention plays a large role.

Going Pro or College

Many current and former professional track & field athletes have previously competed as college athletes. College track & field provides unmatchable conditions to develop and thrive in the sport. You will find professional facilities on Campus, full time head coaches available and a great focus on track and field sports. This gives the track & field talents an outstanding environment to grow and develop. With college track and field, you will compete against other future stars as well as preparing for a professional career later in life.

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Is college track & field the right choice for me?

College track & field is a great opportunity for young talents. No matter of the athletic level or ambitions – there is a perfect college fit for everyone. If you just enjoy track & field and want to combine this sport activity with a degree, college track & field is a great option for you.

The American college system offers a range of opportunities. We can help you as well if you would like to pursue a career as a student athlete and guide you on this pathway.

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