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Guiding student-athletes on their journey to the US and future careers.

Keystone Sports

Keystone Sports includes highly experienced and established college sports recruiting agencies in Europe, creating a network of colleges coaches and universities in the United states that is unmatched in the business.
Our 90+ team members are based in across Europe and North America to give you the advantages of a global company with the guidance and individual approach of a family.

Experts in College Sports

Our college specialists have spent years in this field and went to the US themselves, which is why we perfectly understand the perspectives of athletes, coaches and schools. Our passion for education, personal development and sports gets us up in the morning and drives us to go above and beyond.
Join us on our journey to enable many amazing and life-changing experiences!

The Keystone Sports Brands

Keystone Sports in numbers

14.150+ Athletes

Since 1998, we sent more than 14.150 students to the United States and Canada.

50+ Countries

As a global brand our students come from all over the world.

820+ Colleges

Our network has grown extensively after a couple of decades in the college recruiting industry.

796+ mio $ Scholarships

With our expertise and experience, we secured scholarships for every student.

Keystone Sports Community

Our new, innovative platform, the Keystone Campus connects students from around the world with universities, college coaches, mentors, employers – and each other. It’s never been easier to launch a successful, international career or to get in touch with our athletes and students.

Keystone Education Group

Keystone is the leading online resource for people seeking the best educational path for them. It is trusted by more than 110 million unique prospective students every year to help them make one of the most important decisions of their lifetimes: which higher ed program to attend. In turn, Keystone helps over 5500 higher ed institutions reach and communicate with prospective students in more than 190 countries via eight core higher education verticals – Master’s, Bachelor’s, PhD, Online, Healthcare, MBA, Law and Academic Courses.

The Keystone Story

Keystone Sports is a division of Keystone Education Group, with a mission to connect international student-athletes with colleges in the United States and Canada. The goal is to set up the best journey for students to study in the US and start a professional career.

October 2021

The Keystone Education Group (Keystone) has announced the launch of Keystone Sports, a service designed to help recruit student-athletes to colleges in the United States and Canada. 

“We care about the futures of our students, and with Keystone Sports, we will be able to help a greater number of student-athletes in Europe pursue their sports and academic dreams in the United States,” said Erik Harrell, former CEO of Keystone Education Group.

January 2022

Tennis Smart joins the Keystone Sports network. Sarah Borwell has been leading the Tennis Smart brand for 15 years and has helped 1000+ talented international tennis players with their future pathways, combining education and tennis.

March 2022

Keystone Education Group has acquired uniexperts, a German student-athlete placement agency as it continues to grow Keystone Sports as Europe’s strongest college sports recruiting solution for student-athletes looking to study in the US.

April 2022

CMAS Athletes joins AGM and Keystone Sports. Guillermo Zamarripa has been leading the CMAS brand for 10 years. He has helped over 500 talented Mexican and Latin American student-athletes with their future pathways, combining academics and athletics in the United States thanks to sports scholarships.

April 2023

Keystone Education Group (Keystone) has acquired two European-based student athlete placement agencies, I-Con Sports (Spain) and Future Elite Sports (UK).
Together, the newly acquired companies have extensive experience across soccer and tennis placement, sending over 3,000 students to the United States and United Kingdom and securing over $60m in scholarships for their students combined.

Get in touch

It all begins with you. With your passion, your sport, and your needs. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story will make all the difference. Our experienced team will support you.

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