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College Golf

The US college sports system offers the best opportunity in the world for aspiring golf players. Play golf at the highest level and study at the same time – without compromising in either area.

College Golf in the USA

College golf is one of the most prestigious college sports in the US and is played at more than 1.200 universities. The US college sport system is one of the best pathways for golf players. Current pros like Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth all have in common that they competed for a university team. College golf allows you to combine high-level golf practice while pursuing a degree. This opportunity attracts international golf players to the US every year.

Do you want to become a golf player on professional level, or just want to enjoy golf as a sporting passion alongside your studies? College golf offers you an outstanding athletic and educational experience in a perfect setting –for an excellent price.

Student Athlete

College golf is the ultimate choice if you want to improve and develop your golf skills. Beside this, you will also earn a recognized, international degree in the United States.


Practice daily at the highest level and compete with golf players from all over the world in different leagues and divisions.


Choose your desired degree program at more than 1,000 accredited colleges and universities in the US.


Make your future recruiting profile stand out from the rest with an international resume and impressive skillset.


The student athlete life in the US

Golf Scholarship

Golf scholarships are granted by college coaches to golf players they recruit for their college team. The golf scholarship can be full or partial, and the amount of this financial award may be negotiated. A fully funded scholarship covers all college costs. This includes costs like tuition fee, room, board and books. The highest college golf scholarships are worth more than US$70,000 per year, or $280,000 for an undergraduate degree.

Scholarships for Men’s Teams: up to 4,5

Scholarships for Women’s Teams: up to 6


We are experts when it comes to the college world and college sports in US. We support you through the entire application. When to apply? How to prepare? What to look out for? Our experienced team will be there for any step of the way to make sure you safely get settled at your dream college.

All about college golf


The NCAA golf season is a long period of time, with both a fall season and a spring one. The first college golf tournaments of the campaign are usually held in September. After taking November-January off from competition, teams usually return to action in February. Then they will play in a series of college golf tournaments until April. The best college golf teams then participate in their respective NCAA Championship events in May.


The weekly college golf training consists of general course play and individual skill sessions. Gym workouts are also part of the schedule to prepare for the upcoming tournaments. As practices are mostly scheduled with the entire team, the sessions are competitive and make you work even harder.


Looking at the world golf rankings, many of the top players and major champions competed in the American college system. Playing college golf is not only a safe option to fall back to, but also a great way to prepare for the physical and mental demands of a professional sport.


Since 2004, our experienced staff has successfully helped more than 1,500 young athletes combine college sports and studies in the US, with support by a sports scholarship. Would you like to be our next student athlete?



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Is college golf the right choice for me?

The great thing about college golf is that there are College golf programs for every level. Not everyone has the skills or aspirations to transform their golf passion into a professional career.

If you just want to play golf alongside your college studies, collegial golf is definitely for you. Considering all the different opportunities the American college system offers, we can also find a way if you want to pursue a career as a student athlete.