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College Tennis Service

We will maximize your chances to get a tennis scholarship and to go to the university of your dreams.

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At uniexperts, we believe that every student-athlete is unique, with individual dreams and goals. Therefore, we treat each applicant individually according to his or her needs – always with the goal of bringing out the best for everyone.

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Fast & Reliable Support


Transparent College Planning




One-on-One Test Preparation


Realistic Assessment of Opportunities


Individual Matching & Placement




Guidance Through Athletic Eligibility Process




The college application process can be quite complicated and overwhelming. It is our goal to make it as easy and transparent for you as possible, so that you can continue to focus on the important things in your life – school and tennis. Our login area always keeps you up to speed, showing you upcoming to-do’s and updates on the colleges we have contacted for you.

Europe’s #1 College Sports Agency

With our long experience and international network, we successfully connect student athletes with schools and college coaches. Being part of Europe’s leading student athlete recruitment brand comes with incredible resources, as well as the largest network of universities, colleges and coaches. This allows us to provide the best service and to find the perfect fit for your needs and wishes.

Unique Showcase Experience

With our College Tennis Showcases we offer you a platform to show college coaches your tennis skills. Our tennis showcases are the perfect opportunity to meet coaches in person who are looking for talented players for their college teams.


Together we are stronger! In order to provide our athletes with the best possible support and increase their chances of receiving a tennis scholarship at their dream university, we work with renowned partner companies that complement our range of services at various points. You benefit not only from the experience of the uniexperts team, but also from a pool of experts from various application-related fields.



Save time and money – and let the pros get to work for you.

Professional placement and support from experienced college tennis specialists

Registration for college entrance tests incl. payment of test fees

Certified translation and evaluation of all relevant transcripts

Registration with the college sports associations incl. payment of fees

Support with college enrollment including payment of the application fee

Assistance with the visa application

Premium access to the Keystone Campus platform

2.000 €

At the beginning of collaboration

2.000 €

After successful placement

1.990 €

After successful admission


Take your college application to the highest level and maximize your chances of receiving a top scholarship.

All COMFORT services and additionally:

10 individual sessions of test preparation via videoconference

Recording of a college application video

Camera rental for the recording of additional game video footage

Advanced video editing including review of video footage by professional video analysts

Follow-up of the finished application video after submission of new video material

Free participation in a Keystone Sports College Soccer Showcase

Ongoing support during the first year of college

3.000 €

At the beginning of collaboration

3.000 €

After successful placement

1.990 €

After successful admission


Get all premium features and be perfectly prepared for your time in college

All PROFESSIONAL services and additionally:

Registration for a second attempt at the college application test, including additional test preparation.

All additional services offered at the Showcase for a fee (e.g. accommodation, Prep Day, individual training session, performance analysis) included

Keystone Sports Performance Program for ideal preparation for the life as a student-athlete

Fully supported university transfer during studies in the USA

Ongoing support during the entire college career

4.000 €

To start the process

4.000 €

Upon successful placement

2.990 €

Upon successful admission

Start your college tennis career

Take a few minutes to fill out our assessment form and get an evaluation of your options. We’ll take a look at your current situation and your future tennis scholarship opportunities – for free and without any obligations.


When should I apply for a tennis scholarship?

The application process is extensive and complicated in some places. To maximize your chances of getting the best possible result, we recommend that you start one to two years before you wish to begin your studies. In any case, it makes sense to find out about your personal chances and options as early as possible. It’s best to book a free consultation with our team of experts right away so that you know early on whether studying in the USA is right for you.

What are the requirements to play college tennis?

To play college tennis, you need to be eligible academically and athletically. This means to have graduated from high school and not be a full time professional tennis player.

To have a better understanding of you current situation and to give you a more precise prediction, please fill out our free assessment form.