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The college sports system offers an outstanding opportunity for young athletes. With college sports, you get to combine top-level training in your field while studying at the same time. You don’t have to choose between your passion and an education. Instead, you get the most of both!

Collegiate Sports in the USA

Collegiate sports in the US include many different sports. Almost any athlete can take part in it, and potentially also get a sports scholarship to help cover the college costs. If you want to play one of the major college sports such as American football, basketball, and ice hockey, or you enjoy another sport – the USA is the place to go.

Many international sport talents come to the US every year because of the possibility to practice college sports while earning a degree. No matter if you want to become a pro athlete or just want to improve your skills alongside college studies – being a student athlete in the US is a life changing experience with unbeatable athletic and academic benefits.

Become a “Student-Athlete”

College sports are a great alternative for young athletes. The college system allows these students to take their sport skillset to the next level while earning a recognized university degree in the United States.


Train daily at the highest level and compete with other international athletes in various leagues and divisions.


Choose your perfect fit among more than 1.500 colleges and universities in the US, and a wide range of degree programs.


Make your profile even more unique to future employers with international experience and impressive skills.


Athletic Scholarships

Athletic scholarships are awarded by American college coaches to athletes they recruit for their college team. The scholarship may be full or partial, and the amount of the scholarship is a matter of negotiation. A fully funded scholarship, also called “full-ride”, covers all the costs of college. This includes tuition, room, board and books. The most valuable athletic scholarships are worth more than US$70,000 per year, or $280,000 for an undergraduate degree. The number of scholarships varies for each sports, team as well as the school’s division.

Practice on the highest level

College sports training sessions can be a physical stretch sometimes, especially during peak seasons. Depending on the season, a week can contain six sport specific sessions and they can last up to three or four hours. On top of that, there are often extra workouts to maintain and improve the student athletes’ conditioning and strength.

The timing of a practice session depends on the college coach, the school, availability of facilities on campus and the student’s classes.

A major part of the collegiate sport training is to take care of the body. This includes workouts to prepare for the physical challenges of being a student athlete but also injury prevention. Athletic trainers are available every day at the campus’ gyms, as well as to the college teams.


Turning a real passion into a professional, full time career is a dream for many. When it comes to sport, there are several aspects and requirements to consider. Talent is of course essential to succeed. But dedication, many hours of training, some luck and financial support are also needed to become a pro athlete.

College sport provides a safe and great option for aspiring athletes. They secure an academic degree while improving their sport skills along with other top athletes. Furthermore, studying abroad is an extraordinary experience in terms of personal and professional development.

Compete in any college sport you like

More than 24 college sports are offered in the US, all at different divisions and with great possibilities to get a sports scholarship. Some of the smaller collegiate sports are available at 40 to 60 schools. For major college sports like soccer, American football, basketball and tennis, there are even more colleges available all over the US.


College basketball is the perfect pathway to professional sports. It is played at a competitive level and schools offer second-to-none facilities for the college basketball players.
Hall of Fame players, such as Michael Jordan, are former college players who competed for a college basketball team in their early years.
The road to the National Championship game, also called “March Madness” is one of the most exciting times of the year.


American football on college level is a perfect example of what college sport is all about in the US. College stadiums often contain a larger crowd than NFL games, drawing more than 100.000 people to the stands.
College football’s competitive nature leads to a very special atmosphere for college football teams. This adds to the unique and exciting college experience for international athletes.


The level of college ice hockey is unmatched around the world. Most college ice hockey teams are located at colleges in the northeast and upper Midwest part of the US. The college ice hockey season usually runs from the beginning of October to April. During the season, there can be up to 30–35 games played, and the season ends with a championship tournament.


Volleyball players from all over the world come to the US to play college volleyball. With a college volleyball scholarship, it is possible to get financial aid to cover the college costs while securing a degree.
Women’s college volleyball teams compete in the fall and are part of a lot of athletic departments. Men’s volleyball on the other hand, is played on a smaller scale and college teams play in the spring semester.


You want to study in the US and become a student athlete, but your sport is not listed above? Contact us anyway! We have guided all kinds of athletes through the process and are happy to help you no matter what sport you are interested in.


How do I apply for a sports scholarship? When should I start preparing? What do I need to keep in mind when applying to college?
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Is College Sports for me?

The college sports system offers numerous different opportunities for all kinds of skill levels and ambitions. If you want to pursue a career as a pro athlete in the future, we can help you on this path. Nevertheless, not everyone has the athletic skills or the desire to turn a sport practice into a full-time career. If you are just looking for a way to practice your sport while earning a recognized college degree, collegiate sports are an excellent choice.