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COLLEGE Field Hockey

The college sports system in the US offers the greatest opportunity for field hockey talents. Play field hockey at top-level while earning a university degree. College field hockey allows you to maximize the sports benefits as well as the educational benefits.

College Field Hockey in the USA

College Field Hockey is a female only sport at college level in the US, and the sport is played at around 280 universities. Most field hockey schools are located on the eastern coast, the south and Midwest, as well as in California.

The American college system allows you to combine sports practice with studies. This opportunity attracts a large amount of highly skilled field hockey players to the US every year.

Become a “Student-Athlete”

College field hockey is an exceptional chance for aspiring players. Improve your athletic skills while pursuing a recognized, international degree in America.


Improve your skills with top-level training sessions and compete with and against other international field hockey players.


Discover a range of different programs at accredited colleges and universities in America and choose your best fit.


The combination of your skills, experience and degree will make your recruiting profile more unique to future employers.


Field Hockey Scholarship

Field Hockey scholarships are awarded to promising field hockey players. US college coaches use this financial grant as a way of recruiting new talents to their college team. The amount of field hockey scholarships can be negotiated and of this reason the amount may vary.

College field hockey is a female only sport and the team size are on average 23-24 athletes. College coaches can hand out up to 12 fully funded scholarships for each team.


What is required to apply for college field hockey scholarships? What is the best to prepare for college admissions? How can I improve my chances to get accepted?

We support you during every step, and we give you valuable insights and best practices based on experience in the college sports business.

College Field Hockey Season

The main season is played in the fall college semester. Field hockey teams compete regionally and nationally divided into divisions (leagues) against other colleges. The top teams from each region qualify for the National Championships at the end of the season to decide the National Champions.


In college field hockey, the players often arrive to campus a few weeks before the semester starts to begin the pre-season training. The pre-season schedule can contain up to two training session: A field hockey practice on the field and a gym workout focusing on increasing strength or conditioning.


To prepare for the actual league play you compete against other teams in the region or go on trips to face new competition. During conference play, you will have two or sometimes up to three games a week for several weeks in a row. This is a physically demanding stretch for the field hockey team, which leads to playing time for everyone on the roster.


The champion of each league is determined via a play-off styled tournament. This American way of finding a champion is perfect for “underdogs” to have a “cinderella” story.
The tournament winners and the best field hockey teams advance to the Regionals for the next round of play-offs. The last stop is the national championship tournament at the end of the year.


In the spring semester, field hockey teams focus on specific drills and getting in shape for the next season. This allows you to further develop as a sport athlete and gives you a strong foundation for the next season.

Practice on the highest level

A practice session can be physically intense to prepare for the demanding season. This can include game play, drills, and individual sessions, as well conditioning and recovery. Working out early in the morning might become a reality to you in the near future. The time of practice sessions depends on the coach, the University, accessibility of fields and the students’ schedules.

Athletic trainers are available to teams on all days of the week, as well as gyms on campus. This creates perfect conditions for the players to prepare for the physical challenges of college field hockey. It also helps the recovering after a long session.


Since 2004, our experienced team has successfully helped more than 1,500 athletes combine sports and studies through a sports scholarship in the USA. Would you like to be a part of it?

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Is College Field Hockey for me?

The great thing about college field hockey is that there is a college fit for every skill level and future aspirations. The college sport system offers in America lots of possibilities for student athletes. If field hockey is your biggest passion and you want to play alongside your studies, a college field hockey program is for you. Are you dreaming of even turning field hockey into a professional career? We can guide you on this career path as well.

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