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College Swimming

The American college sports system offers the best opportunity in the world for swim athletes. With college swimming, you get the best of both worlds. Take part in swim training on the highest level while securing an international, recognized degree in America.

College Swimming in the USA

College swimming belongs to one of the biggest sports at colleges in USA. A college swim program is an excellent choice and future investment for junior swimmers, especially if they aspire to become a pro in the future. Many professional- and even Olympic swimmers have been college athletes themselves. Every year, swim talents from all over the world come to USA because of the high-level swim training and academic studies.

Student Athlete

College swimming provides the number one experience for young athletes. Improve your swim skills and performance, while earning a college degree in the United States.


Get daily top-level training and compete with swimmers from all over the world.


Choose your preferred program at internationally accredited colleges and universities in the US.


Your resume, skillset and international experience will be a great advantage in your future career.


Swimming Scholarship

Swimming scholarships are a great way to cover college costs, such as tuition, room, board and books. Full scholarships cover all of those costs and can be worth more than US$70,000 per year, or $280,000 for an undergraduate degree. The amount of swimming scholarships is a matter of negotiation and are offered by American college coaches to swimmers they recruit for their college team. In addition to sport scholarships, there are other options, such as academic scholarships, which can be combined.

Women Scholarships: up to 14 per team

Men Scholarships: up to 9,9 per team


We are professionals with great knowledge about the college system and college sports in the US. We support you through the entire procedure. We help you when it comes to the application, what and how to make all the required parts ready, and all the other things to keep in mind. Our dedicated experts are with you first to the very last step, just to make sure you get settled at your new college – safe and sound.

More about College Swimming


The swimming season in the US stretches over the entire college year. It starts in the middle of the fall semester with the first college swim events. Swimming teams then take most of December and January off from competition and use this time to focus on training and development. After the conference championships, the best college teams continue their season at the National Championships in March.


College swim teams either compete in dual matches, a 1on1 against another college or team meets with several universities at the event. Individual swim champions are crowned at each event. Colleges on the other hand get points which depend on the position of the competitor representing the school. This fosters a team-first mindset out of a single-sport.

Practice at the highest level

The college swim training is very high-class, and the colleges have some of the world’s best facilities. Current and former professional swimmers, such as Michael Phelps, have used the pools to prepare for the season and the Olympics.

The swim training schedule includes both individual and team session with the swim coach. To prepare the swimmers for an extended and challenging season, sessions focusing on strengthening and improve the conditioning are also included in the training schedule. Recovery and preventing injuries are crucial part of the training, and athletic training are available to all swim athletes.

Going Pro or College

Many requirements need to be fulfilled to become a professional swimmer. Except great talent, hard work, willpower and money, some luck is also needed. Yet, even if all these boxes are ticked, it still not a guarantee that the swim passion can be turned into a career. Additionally, young swim talents may not have the physical attributes yet to become a pro swimmer.

College swimming is an exceptional option for junior athletes. The college degree secures them professional and academical advantages for their future careers. But alongside the studies, they also get the chance to improve their swimming skills and compete against some of the next stars in swimming.


Since 2004, our experienced team of experts has successfully helped more than 1,500 young athletes combine sports and studies through a sports scholarship in the USA. Would you like to be a part of it?



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Is college swimming the right choice for me?

College swimming offers aspiring swimmers an outstanding possibility. The US college system provides a wide selection of different options, and you will find college programs for all athletic levels and ambitions.

If you just want to focus on your sport passion while earning a university degree, college swimming is an ideal alternative for you. If you aiming to pursue a career as a student athlete, we can support you on this track as well.

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