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David Hörmann

Sport Golf
University University of Mount Olive
Major Bachelor in Sports Management


I decided to come to the U.S. to play college golf because I wanted to combine my studies with my passion for golf. In no other country do you get as much support to complete your studies while playing golf at a high level. I wanted to take my golf to the next level, but at the same time expand my academic knowledge, so I have two options for my future in the U.S.: Try to play professional golf in the future, but if that doesn’t work out, I still have a completed Bachelor’s degree and can continue my Masters in Germany.

It is never easy to leave your beloved home and say goodbye to your family and friends, nevertheless I can say that you settle in very quickly on campus and quickly make many new friends. Personally, I decided very late to take the step to the USA, but I am happy that I went this way and realized my dream. Because so far I have experienced an unforgettable time that I will remember for the rest of my life.


My day usually starts with a morning class at 8am. If I have time between my classes, I go to the gym for another hour or so. Around 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., I eat lunch in the cafeteria, with my team colleagues. My classes usually end around 12 to 1 pm. Right after that, it’s really just getting changed and going to practice. If we don’t play a qualifier, we have at least three hours of training per day, where we can actually decide very unanimously what we want to work on. But it is important that we train at least three hours. When we play qualifiers, it usually takes around four hours because a qualifier is always 18 holes. Most of the time we plan to go to the cafeteria right after practice and then have dinner together around 6pm. If I didn’t make it to the gym in the morning, I usually still go work out in the evening. Around 7 to 8 p.m. I’m usually back at my apartment doing my homework or presentations for college. My day ends at 10pm after chatting with my roommates at home and watching something on TV together.


I am studying Sport Management and Business Marketing because I have always been interested in sports and would like to keep it by my side in my life. I didn’t get interested in marketing until my junior year, so I thought I’d like to combine the two. The University of Mount Olive is known for its business and athletic school, as these majors are the most common subjects taken by student-athletes. I am currently taking a class that will prepare me for my time after college. It involves creating my own portfolio and website. This semester I will be taking my last Sport Management classes to finish the marketing classes I am missing in my senior year. In the beginning I had a hard time with the English language, but that quickly went away. I now find it easier to complete assignments in English. Since I study at a small Division 2 university, the classes are not overcrowded with about 10 to 30 students, which creates a family atmosphere. My professors are always helpful and offer extra Zoom sessions or even their phone numbers to be available as often as possible; this is especially helpful for athletes and international students. For example, if I can’t attend class because of a tournament, they are understanding and even extend the deadlines. In Germany, something like that would not be possible; here in the U.S., student-athletes are clearly preferred and the professors understand if you can’t show up for class because of tournaments.

Now that I’m in my sixth semester, the schoolwork has become a bit more intense. Nevertheless, it is somewhat “fun” for me to work for it, because it is for my future and I am interested in the tasks and topics. I study for about one to two hours per day. During the day I always have a busy schedule, so I study in the evening after I have had dinner. My goal is to finish the assignment early in order not to lose points unnecessarily, because then nothing can happen to you during your studies.


We have three different golf courses where we can practice. The closest golf course is 3 minutes from campus and is also accessible by bike. The other two courses are about 20 minutes away by car. On campus we have a small indoor facility where we can practice when the weather is not good, which rarely happens. We have three flightscopes that we can use during practice to improve our game. Our golf courses all contain practice facilities to take one’s game to the next level. The college golf season is spread out throughout the year, we have at least 3 hours of practice every day, but we can tailor that practice to each other. Each player can decide for themselves what elements of their game they want to work on. However, our coach decides when and where we play qualifiers. In most cases we play 5-10 rounds before each tournament so that the coach knows exactly which 5 best players to take to the next tournament. In addition to training on the golf course, we have workouts together twice a week to best prepare our fitness for the season, but players can train individually at any time. During the season there are few breaks as we have a full tournament schedule and play permanently under tournament mode. In the off-season, which only lasts from November to December, we often play an internal fun tournament to end the semester and start the next semester with a good team spirit.


A golf tournament always includes at least 3 or 4 days. Since we play tournaments in Florida and South Carolina, we usually arrive together in our team van on Saturday morning. On the way to the tournament we discuss the golf course and our goals for the tournament, our goal is always to win. Since we often miss school during tournaments, we also use the time for homework and studying on the way. Saturday is always just the arrival day for us and ends with a dinner together in a restaurant of our choice. The next morning we always have time for a leisurely breakfast with the team, since Sundays are only played the rehearsal end, as well as trained to make the final touches before the tournament. Again, the day ends with dinner together. On Monday, the first day of the tournament, the alarm clock rings around 05:30, if the hotel already has breakfast available at this time, we eat together in the hotel, otherwise we have breakfast on the way to the golf course. As soon as the sun rises, we warm up together as a team on the range and putting green 1 hour before tee time. Shortly before 8 a.m. all players are driven to their starting holes so that they can start at 8 a.m. sharp. Then the whole golf is played, 36 holes in total. Just before the sun goes down, we finish and are happy to have something to eat together with the team and to lie in a comfortable bed, because the tournament is not over yet. Tuesday, tournament day 2 and the last round starts just like the first day, but we only play 18 holes. Most of the time we finish around 2pm and head back towards campus after the tournament. On the way back, we often sleep and try to mentally prepare for school the next day. At the end of the day, you are happy to be in your bed and have some rest. College golf is an incredible experience as you have the opportunity to travel with the team and play many different golf courses throughout the US. It’s a tough 4 days but the experiences and memories you make there are irreplaceable. There is nothing like winning as a team and playing for everyone on your team because college golf is not just an individual sport like normal, it is also a team sport.



Train daily at the highest level and compete with up-and-coming athletes from around the world.


The USA offers you the best universities in the world: the academic content and methods are first-class and internationally recognized.


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to develop personally in a short period of time: gain experience with other cultures and learn perfect English.


One thing is for sure: You will stand out positively for future employers with your international education.


Yes, as a student-athlete you can book a trainer appointment online and get treatment for free. For example, we can get an ice bath, massage, stretching or cupping. For acute injuries, you don’t need an appointment, you can go directly to the athletic trainers. The trainer facility is located near our gym where we do weight and recovery sessions. We have a public gym for all university students and another gym for the college sports teams. We also have a pool for relaxation. I often go to the gym in addition to team workouts and occasionally use the workout room to help my recovery.


I can’t imagine my time at college in America being any better. In the last two years, I have met many new people and made contacts that will always help me in my future. I have already grown as a person and have gone above and beyond in many ways. Being a part of a college golf team has always been my dream and I don’t regret for a minute that I chose this step. If you want to combine your competitive sport and studies, the USA is the best option for you. It has not only helped me in my sport, but also on the academic side, networking, experiences and memories I will never forget and much more.


Because in my opinion, college sports are the best way to develop your athletic skills and improve your academic knowledge at the same time. Many young athletes want to go the professional route in their sports, but are afraid of not achieving everything completely. Studying in the USA is the perfect way to get even better and take the next step in your career, because there are the best coaches and training facilities in the world. Here it is possible to prepare completely for a professional sports career and to reach contacts for sponsoring but at the same time to achieve a plan B with a completed bachelor’s degree. In Germany it is hardly possible to do both with full committent, because we do not have the necessary resources.

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