Why should you create a recruiting video for college sports and what should be included? -

Why should you create a recruiting video for college sports and what should be included?

September 11 2020

You might have seen some of these recruiting videos already, especially on YouTube. It is quite obvious, that showing off your abilities is a great way to show the college coaches – well your ability. Many coaches actually want to see a video first before actually thinking about offering you any kind of scholarship. This doesn’t apply to every sport and every coach, but having one can’t hurt in any way.  A good recruiting video could boost your chances for a higher scholarship, a bad one however could also lower them.

But what do you include in your video? Just simple clips of you for example kicking the ball hard or hitting it hard with a tennis racket? No! You need to present yourself, give the video your personal touch.

You start off with a personal presentation. We won’t tell you what to say exactly, but topics like your name and age, country and city, and your sports background like your passion for that sport or the years of playing it should not be missing. You can include more personal stuff so the coach gets to know you even better. Note that this shouldn’t take more than 1-2 minutes. Some people show clips of themselves while giving a personal presentation.

The second part should be the clips that best show your abilities. These clips depend on the sport you play. For example, the tennis clips have a certain structure that should be followed, while soccer has completely different guidelines, sometimes including whole matches. You can get the tennis and soccer guidelines in detail by contacting us!

You can show some small mistakes to make it seem realistic but you don’t have to show your worst mistakes, so don’t worry!

If you would like to get a video that is as professional as possible, you can also contact us! (If you do not have extensive cutting and video editing skills) – We offer to cut the video for a price of 199€. This will make sure to showcase your abilities the best way!