uniexperts team member profile - Nina Reiter -

uniexperts team member profile – Nina Reiter

September 07 2020

Many of you reading this might already have been in contact with some of the uniexperts team or have seen them on social media or on events. We figured it might be nice if you could learn more about us and actually know who you are seeing or talking to. We start off our team member profiles by presenting the team member, that has been working at uniexperts for the longest time (excluding the founders) – Nina Reiter! Most of our clients will definitely come in contact with her at some point along the way.

Who are you?

Name: Nina Reiter

Nationality: German

Currently living in: Köln


Role at uniexperts: Administration and Accounting

When will clients get in touch with you the most: When they call uniexperts and when they receive invoices

Start at uniexperts: 11th of May 2011

How and why did you get to uniexperts: They had a job description online and I was looking for a new experience

What do you miss the most at work during these times: Meet the team in the office

Best uniexperts moment: Every single Showcase since 2014

What was the most important thing you learned from working at uniexperts: Follow your dreams

Which colleague do you work with the most: Roger, Harrison, and Fostino


Favorite sport: Soccer

Favorite college: I like them all

Favorite team: SC Freiburg

Favorite player: Nils Petersen

Best sports moment: When Germany won the World Cup 2014

Favorite quote: After the game is before the game (Nach dem Spiel ist vor dem Spiel, Sepp Herberger 1954)


What sport do you play or have you played in your life: Tennis, Nordic Walking, Fitness

If any, what was your biggest sports achievement:

Why should every young person experience other countries/cultures: to become an independent, courageous, and socially competent adult and to learn English perfectly

Where do you see yourself in two years: Hopefully back in the office again without Mask

Something interesting about yourself: Every Saturday I am listening to the German Bundesliga on the Radio
Favorite Hobby: Knitting