We say thank you! Showcase 2019 -

We say thank you! Showcase 2019

August 05 2019

The 6th College Tennis Showcase edition presented by VAN STRAATEN took place about two weeks ago and we had time to process what happened and take a look back at the event – the whole team says “THANK YOU” to everyone involved for making this event an unforgettable one!

Players, coaches, parents, and sponsors are all responsible for the success of the Showcase! We were very happy to have you all.

With more than 112 players attending the Showcase, the 43 coaches had a lot of tennis to watch with more than 200 matches played during the two match days.

This year’s event and match format gave players and coaches the opportunity to talk to the participants of their interest. Players have been able to approach the coach of their interest on Friday, while coaches had the opportunity to book an appointment with players on Sunday during the official coaches’ talks.

Friday got colorful!

With one of our main sponsors being BIDI BADU this year, we had the players fitted out with BIDI BADU shirts in three different colors (depending on when they wanted to go to the US) making it easy for coaches to recognize them and great to look at!

On top of that, Bidi Badu got us, team members, all the clothing necessary for the Showcase (Big thanks for that BIDI BADU)!

Saturday everyone played an official UTR rated tournament. Players have been able to secure themselves important rating points for their UTR Rating.

As in the year before there was a lot going on at the Showcase location – at this point we would like to thank the great team of the TC Weiden and Walls – Der Padelfaktor for their help and providing us this beautiful location.

We had many presentations by our amazing sponsors and some team members during both Friday and Saturday, giving everyone in attendance a wide spectrum of information on preparing for College Tennis physically, mentally, and also academically.

During Q&A-Sessions with current College Athletes and coaches, players and parents were able to ask whatever was on their mind in regards to College Tennis.

Whenever players had some time to spare, they had the chance to chill in the Player’s Corner or at the BIDI Badu Lounge, play Nintendo Switch, table tennis or darts, learn more about their personality with Neuro4Sports or take great pictures at the Social Media Corner.

Additionally, the player’s party powered by BIDI BADU on Saturday and a Coaches BBQ on Friday returned. The Alumni Banquet also took place on Saturday, honoring former and current student-athletes and talk about their College experience.

Check out the great pictures from the Showcase in our GALLERY. Thank you Foto Taubert for capturing these moments.

To the players, we wish good luck for all the future endeavors! And, of course, good luck to the coaches going into their next season and hopefully you will enjoy your future recruits!

Thank you for an amazing event!

Your uniexperts Team