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uniexperts Team Workshop

February 18 2020

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” –Michael Jordan

A quote, that can not only be applied to any sports team, but also to every working place. You can offer good service, but the perfect service is only possible if the team’s chemistry and teamwork is on point. Which is why we at uniexperts try to work on team chemistry as much as we can.  

On February the 13th, we had a whole day dedicated to our team. Organized by the leaders of uniexperts, we sat together to talk about the future of the company and our goals for 2020. Later that day, we competed in teams in Buddy Bash. 

8:30: The uniexperts team meets up at the office in Cologne, including Thorsten Bertsch coming over from Mannheim and Harrison Fowler via video call from Spain. Everything is prepared together until we are ready to start. 

9:00: We start with the first group session, talking about the structure of uniexperts, an indepth discussion about everyone’s tasks, and how everything is working out at the moment. 

12:00: After a long first session, we order lunch to the office, to gain strength for the rest of the day. Of course, only healthy food! 

13:00: Our second session of the day starts. Stefan Wirtz and Roger Thiele, two of the three founders of uniexperts, talk us through their opinion of uniexpert’s current situation and our goals for 2020 and onwards. Also, Sandy Franz joins us via video call from the United States, after he got up in the morning. 

We are all really excited about the next months, as we got a lot planned and another huge Tennis Showcase in July. The team is set up perfectly for the upcoming challenges. 

15:00: Once all the talk is done, we get ready to drive to Buddy Bash in Dellbrück, Cologne.  

16:00: We start our Buddy Bash adventure. Buddy Bash is a game area, with tons of mini-games for group activities. For the German readers, it is essentially like “Schlag den Raab”. Funny coincidence: our intern, that will be starting in April, is working at Buddy Bash, so we already had the chance to meet her. 

We split up our group of 9 people into two teams:  

Team Stefan: Stefan Wirtz, Lukas Kimpel, Paul Wiederspahn, Christoph Schäfer 

Team Roger: Roger Thiele, Nina Reiter, Fostino Mifuba, Mirka Brunk, Thorsten Bertsch 

We compete in 11 different games, and as if scripted, the last game decides the winner of the uniexperts Buddy Bash – Team Stefan!  

19:00: An exhausted uniexperts team goes their separate ways to get home. What an experience we had today! We really worked on teamwork and chemistry today and face the new challenges as an even closer unit than before. And of course, thanks to uniexperts for offering us such a great day.


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