Right mindset for a college athlete -

Right mindset for a college athlete

April 24 2019

The right mindset is, next to skill, the most important aspect of being an athlete, but also as a student. A college athlete should combine those mindsets to achieve your goals in both areas. Since you might be facing these challenges soon, we tried to give you an overview of how that mindset should look like.


Never lose your focus on the goals you have set before the start of your US adventure. No matter what these goals might be, keep them as a main priority. You will still have the time and opportunity to just enjoy life in the US, but always remember that you made it there for a reason.


One of the most important aspects of a #sportscholarship is the fact that you don’t have to decide whether you want to further your athletic career or your academic career – you can do both. And so you should! It might seem like a lot at the start but keeping a balance will be really important. Concentrating on both and not setting your priorities on one career only will leave you with more options for the future and ultimately prepare you for many outcomes. Time management skills are key.

Open Mind

To study outside of your home country, you have to at least be a bit open-minded anyways. But it is really important to be as open-minded as possible. Waiting for you in the US will be a new culture, new experiences, new friends, and completely new surroundings. You need to be ready to adapt to these changes. It can be overwhelming at the start, but the time you will have in the US could be an unforgettable one, if you allow it.

Team Player & College Athlete

The team you will play with consists of more than just teammates – they are friends. You will not only share the Tennis court and training rooms with them as you might in your home country. You might also live together, study together, and spend your free time together. So, the key to being happy in your #collegeteam will be a good relationship with your teammates.

On top of that, you also represent the college itself. Wear the colors and the gear with pride, as the other athletes will do so. And support other teams from your college, because colleges are more than just a few teams playing on the same ground, they are family.

The obvious one – Do not give up!

Like with a lot of your future endeavors, it might not always be easy. This also goes for becoming a #collegeathlete and receiving your degree. The path will come with some hurdles and you might struggle at some point. It is important to keep all of the points above in mind to overcome these struggles. If you keep your mind focused and create yourself a positive surrounding, giving up will not be an option. You will not only be able to overcome your issues but turn them into even bigger achievements or experiences until you finally have a degree to your name.

Keep it up!

Stay tuned for more updates about the life of #studentathletes in the US!

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