Kim Moosbacher - A Success Story -

Kim Moosbacher – A Success Story

August 17 2020

uniexperts alumnus Kim Moosbacher has achieved two honors to end her college career at the Oklahoma Baptist University. She was awarded the ITA Player of the Year award, and the GAC Athlete of the Year, which was the for any tennis player, men’s and women’s – WOW!

Kim, a tennis player from Cologne, Germany, so close to our headquarters, left for the US via uniexperts in 2016 for the fall semester. Her skills led her to the NCAA Division II team of the Oklahoma Baptist University, the Oklahoma Bison. 4 years later, she has an 81-14 record in singles competition (a school record in career wins), two All-American honors and ITA Central Region Player of the Year.  On top of that, she holds the school record of most wins in a season with 49, most singles wins in a season with 24 and most doubles wins in a season with 25. And now, in her senior year, she finishes with two amazing awards that even came as a surprise to her.

That’s not all of her achievements either. Check them out:

                                         Credit: OBU Bison Twitter – @OBU_Tennis

In 2019, she even worked for uniexperts in her off-time, while visiting her family in Cologne. She helped with the planning of our uniexperts Tennis Showcase, in which she took part in before her college career. It came full circle for her.

We also had the time for a short interview with her.

ue: Did you ever think that you would be as successful as you were when your first made the decision to go to the US with a scholarship?

Kim: “I Never thought that I would be that successful. Before coming to the US, I didn’t play that many tournaments and I started to take it a lot more seriously when I played for my university. Throughout the years I became more confident which helped me along the way. I am very proud of my last 4 years in college.”

ue: Did college tennis help you improve a lot?

Kim: “College tennis definitely helped me a lot. I became a better tennis player. Especially mentally I improved a lot over the last 4 years.”

ue: Which of your achievements makes you the proudest?

Kim: “My last two awards (Senior National Player of the Year, GAC Female Athlete of the Year) make me very proud. I never thought I would win anything like that and I am very thankful for it.”

ue: Do you have any advice for young athletes that are still unsure about their college career or are just about to start it?

Kim: “My advice would just be to enjoy the time as much as they can because 4 years are over faster than you think. I had a really good time in college and I would tell everyone who has the chance to study in the US to do it.”

ue: What’s next after such a successful college career? Are you staying in the US?

Kim: “ I am currently doing my Master’s in the States and I will play one more year for Barry University.”

Kim is an inspiration of what you can achieve when you choose the path of college sports. We tip our imaginary hats to her for the awesome college career and wish her all the best for the future!