Our first career workshop with SAP - A recap -

Our first career workshop with SAP – A recap

September 30 2020

It’s a wrap – our first uniexperts career workshop on the 22nd of September was a success! First of all, we would like to thank everyone who participated and to SAP for holding this event. A special thanks to the hosts from SAP: Tina Alsted Grejsen, the SAP Head of Networks & Communities and Agustina Viturro, the EMEA Talent Attraction Consultant, as well as Gurvan Maurice, the Digital Demand Executive for the French market and our uniexperts alumnus Felix Schweyer, who is now the Account Executive in Dublin.

The free-to-join workshop was meant to give the participants insights on how to write an effective CV and cover letter. Both are the company’s first impression of you and need to be on point to succeed in a competitive market! Did you know that the average time spent on reviewing a CV is 6 seconds? Take a guess yourself on how effective that CV needs to be to achieve a lasting impression.

Make sure to self-reflect and check those boxes:

  • Present exactly who you are and be honest in your description.
  • Do not just copy a template or other CVs, tailor it specifically to the market and company.
  • Know who you are talking to and what you want to show.
  • Structure your CV and cover letter in a logical way, but keep it within one page.
  • Stay professional and avoid any abbreviations.
  • Have your credentials (name, phone number or address) to be easily accessible.

In general, impress the reader with your creativity, they have possibly seen the same CV thousands of times. Avoid simple mistakes, such as informal pictures, spelling and grammar errors or wrong contact details. Bring a personal touch with your interests and an explanation why exactly you are perfect for the job and what value you bring to the company; showing enthusiasm about the position is always positive.

How is this connected to a college scholarship in the US?

First of all, international experience is always a great advantage in your CV; a degree from an accredited university in the United States is impressive and needs to be presented in that way. This shows that you went out of your comfort zone and are not afraid of challenges. Next to your athletic ability, organizing academics, athletics, and private life proves your time management ability and independence. Of course, you become fluent in one of the most important languages in the world: English; this should not be underestimated.

This will not be our last career workshop though!

If you missed out, but feel like you need more preparation for your future career, you are lucky! We have partnered with SAP for a “career partnership” with the next workshop taking place in November. This one is about SAP’s Digital Hub and you will learn more about a career at SAP; going to be fantastic again!

Until November you can re-watch the career workshop right here: Career Session with SAP – effective CV writing

Stay tuned for more!