College Tennis Myth Busters - Part 1 -

College Tennis Myth Busters – Part 1

May 14 2019

There is a lot of doubt circulating concerning the idea of playing #collegetennis. What is true and what is not? Here you find the 1st part of our myth buster stories about college sports.

Do you agree? Or did you collect the opposite experience? If you haven’t made any experiences yet, no worries. We get you ready for your college adventure in the USA!

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Myth#1: American colleges are too expensive.

Truth: The costs of studying in America are often hard to afford. That’s why it’s a huge opportunity to get a scholarship. Divisions I and II schools provide more than $3 billion in athletic scholarships annually to more than 150,000 student-athletes.

Myth#2: Study in the US is a waste of time because the bachelor’s degree is not accepted back in your home country.

Truth: Your bachelor’s degree is internationally accepted, so you probably won’t have any complications back in your home country (Exceptions might apply for the study of law and medicine). Furthermore, you make international connections and you become a more independent person, which will help you in your future career while polishing your language skills. Quite a good deal, isn’t it?

Myth#3: You do not play enough matches in college tennis.

Truth: During the fall semester you play in your so-called off-season individual tournaments in singles and doubles. In the spring semester, you play almost 20-25 team matches in your region and around the country. College sports is THE way to get in some practical match experience. Many players benefit from a highly competitive environment and drastically improve their performance level.

Myth#4: College sport has no value and recognition in the US.

Truth: College sport in the US provides the stepping-stone to professional sports. The universities provide excellent facilities and possibilities to develop your full potential. Most college basketball and football games are broadcasted live on TV, even the college tennis NCAA Championships are broadcasted live on television. For other sports, there are live streams available. So: Make sure you are styled when the spotlight is on you!

Myth#5: It is hard to make friends in the US because Americans are superficial.

Truth: Wrong, there are many international students you get to know along your journey, so you learn more about foreign cultures and religions. Team spirit is a big deal in the US, so no worries, you will make great friendships.